What If Productions LLC
in association with
Algonquin Theater Productions


Music and Lyrics by David Wolfson
Book by Tony Sportiello


The Bet is a two-character, 90 minute musical. Diana and Jack are two celestial beings, representatives of heaven and hell. They are assigned to introduce the newfangled concept of ‘free will’ into the universe, and they create the Earth—and human beings. They place a bet as to whether humanity will thrive or destroy itself. As human history unfolds the two of them start to feel a strong attachment for their pet project….and each other. Things reach a crisis when their (offstage) bosses decide to get involved. Will Jack and Diana intervene to save the Earth? Should they?

The Bet had its premiere performances as part of the 2017 Midtown International Theatre Festival in New York City, featuring Dana Aber as Diana and Spencer Plachy as Jack. It was directed by Tom Herman, music directed by Chip Prince, choreographed by Pim van Amerongen, and stage managed by Russ Marisak. It won four awards:

• Best Actress in a Full-Length or Musical: Dana Aber

• Best Playwright of a Full-Length or Musical: Tony Sportiello

• Best Director of a Full-Length or Musical: Tom Herman

• Best Choreography: Pim van Amerongen